Hotel Management

Hospitality is one of the most dynamic, fast growing and challenging sectors in the 21st century. It offers thrilling opportunities for travel-enthusiast graduates who aim to begin their careers in India and abroad. It has become a popular course amongst students across the globe. With every new technology advancement or guest experience, even more, diverse and offbeat job opportunities open up. The economy may have its share of downsides but the hospitality industry has always shown great resilience in its business. It sustained even when other sectors gave up. 

What is Hospitality Management? 

Hospitality management is tapping all forms of customer service. It imparts the skills of customer service which is the core of nearly every role you are ever going to perform. You will also be working behind the scenes in positions that may include food service and catering. Hospitality management includes handling different types of businesses including hotels, restaurant chains, resorts, casinos, travel and tour agencies and airlines. Graduates with Bachelors in Hospitality Management are polished in their skills to become and continue to be effective managers and supervisors in this industry. 

Our comprehensive coaching module  

At Neev Institute we prepare you extensively for NCHM JEE which is a national level entrance exam that grants you admission to the reputed IHM ‘s across the country (the top hotel management colleges of India).

Hospitality Vs Hotel Management 

Hospitality training and hotel management can be very confusing terms. The similarity between both these courses is that at the end both merge into the larger picture of tourism industry. The syllabus for hospitality management also includes hotel management course as well therefore the total curriculum for hospitality is much wider as compared to just hotel management. Like hospitality there is a good scope in hotel management too. Let us see what can you do after Hotel Management. 

What to do after Hotel Management? 

Here are some of the aspects of your career after hotel management which you can opt to enter: 

A student who has earned a degree in hotel management can work in the below mentioned sectors: 

  • Club Management 
  • Hotels and Restaurants 
  • Hospital Administration and Catering 
  • Airline Catering and Cabin Services 
  • Guest Houses 
  • Cruise Ship Hotel Management 
  • Forest Lodges 
  • Hotel & Catering Institutes 
  • Catering departments- shipping companies, banks, armed forces, and railways 
  • Hotel & Tourism Associations