Careers Beyond Medical And Engineering

That nagging question which pesters students and parents alike, the age-old query posed by family and distant relatives to a XII appeared: ‘What do you plan to do now, Engineering or Medical?’ 

This close-ended question leaves a child with no option and a mental fixation as if only these two fields existed moreover, he starts imagining himself dawning the hats of either of these fields thus failing to widen his horizons and exploring other bright career options.

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

When you stand at this crossroad try to answer the following questions first:  

  1. Am I internally motivated for the chosen field or just motivated externally? 
  1. Am I following the herd philosophy and opting for a particular career just because my peers are opting one? 
  1. Do I have a genuine aptitude for the chosen field?  
  1. Do I have interest in applied sciences? 
  1. Do I have interest in extensive research and development-based fields?  
  1. Do I love an adventurous career and will like to do more of field work? 
  1. Do I have a foresight of rapidly changing technology and will like to create one?  
  1. Or am I more interested in a contented and personal skill-based career?  
  1. How about vocational careers, have I explored all of them? 
  1. Do I have great communication skills and want to be a front-line worker?

We at NEEV INSTITUTE offer coaching for plethora of career options and off beat careers like  

# Designing (NID / NIFT)  

# Hotel management (NCHMCT) 

# Media and Mass communications  

# Journalism  

# BBA  

# Artificial Intelligence  

and many more …… 

Conclusion and take away  

Instead of opting for a field and repenting later or even opting science as trial and error and then reversing your decisions it’s always better to be wise and be assured of your choice at an early stage. There’s no doubt that opting for science stream after X opens your doors for other streams as well and you can again shift to a different field (commerce or Arts) later but not possible in other fields but it’s always better to be sure after X than finally decide after your XII. 

    If you get perplexed or find it difficult to freeze the right career option for you at this early stage, it’s always better to be guided by a career counselor at NEEV Institute, who can help you explore your own hidden talent and aptitude. 

 Thus, helping you explore the plethora of career options available as per your passion, aptitude and suitability.  

Good luck 🙂